Promoted by ‘Assessorato allo Sviluppo Economico e all’Innovazione Tecnologica’, overseen by ‘Servizio Ricerca e Competitività dell’Area Politiche per lo Sviluppo, il Lavoro e l’Innovazione’ and  entrusted to ‘ARTI (Agenzia Regionale per la Tecnologia e l’Innovazione)’, the ILO Puglia Project started in July 2007 with the aim of providing the University network in Puglia with a group of stable tools and resources to implement good practices in technology transfer and exploitation of research outcomes.

The second edition of the intervention (2009-2010) took a more strategic role within the regional policies for the development of Research and Innovation, with the objective of supporting the development and management of a regional model of interaction between research and market, with long term sustainability achieved through the strengthening and stabilization of the Industrial Liaison Office and of their services in the Enti Pubblici di Ricerca pugliesi (Public Research Institutions in Puglia).

The experience of ILO1 and of ILO2 shows a positive trade balance with a number of remarkable results and few issues, mostly linked to weaknesses in the ILO organisational structure (caused by National Government reduction in funding to public research), to insufficient synergies with other regional subjects that mediate between knowledge and innovation sources and business environment, to inadequate capacity to exploit patents and intellectual proprieties development in Universities and other Public Research Institutions.

Project ILO2 was born with the objective of accelerating and implementing the processes to exploit and valorise the research outcomes using the ILO Network in Puglia, through the consolidation and organisation of the interactions amongst the Universities, Public Research Institutions, business and industrial enterprises, trade associations and finance



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