Olive Eco-friendly

The production of greentable olives with theSiviglianomethod is based on the use of soda at 2% concentration to ensure the hydrolysis of oleuropein and the softening of the drupes.

The alkaline wastewater, however, have a major impact on the environment due to the high pH and should be treated as special waste; A second problem that green olives have concerns the high water consumption, necessary to completely remove the sodaresiduesfrom drupes.

The proposed innovation is a breakthrough process that relies on two strengths: the reduction of the concentration of soda, combined with the use of a cocktail mixture of lactic acid bacteria and yeast, all with a strong β-glucosidase activity. The final product has similar features compared to that obtained with traditional technology, a pleasant aroma, due to starter cultures, with the benefit of water consumption reductionof about 50%.



The recipients ofinnovationare both companies and consumers.The first if they wish to certify their production with voluntary certification, related to sustainability and respect for the environment. A consumer aware and attentive to the territory, available to buy products that preserve local natural resources.


The effect may be light in a first phase, because the eco-friendly technology could have a parallel path to the traditional one. The long-term effect could be “disruptive” due to water consumption reduction and the consumer’s growing awareness.


We believe that sound management of water resources, namely management that takes account of the relationship between water, food and energy, is fundamental to ensure the right to food for all; agriculture is fundamental, not just for food production, but also for landscape design, environmental and territorial protection and conserving biodiversity.

We are aware that knowledge and practical experience of both traditional and advanced production methods is critical to the efficiency of agricultural systems, from family farms to industrial farms; make responsible choices when buying food, considering the environmental impact of their production;


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