Organic Pasta Monovarietale

This is a product innovation in the field of biological dry pasta Italian produced solely with Italian wheat, in particular, with a single variety of Organic durum wheat grown in Capitanata. The heart of the innovation is in the use of a unified protocol with high production and quality standards and in the use of an organizational model of production linked to the territory. In fact all the grain produced come from an area with homogeneous climatic conditions. This innovation has allowed the partnership of different businesses in a producers organization (OP) able to ensure uniformity of results and production methods, along with high protein content in the organic grain and in the pasta produced in bronze dies and then dried at low temperature. This product satisfies, compared to traditional products, the demand for quality, greater security of raw materials and reduced environmental impact.

Environmental sustainability is due to a low use of external inputs and the absence of synthetic chemicals thanks to the biological method of cultivation. Local cultivation also determines energy savings and a low biological footprint, avoiding the long distances that often the raw materials must travel to be transformed into the final product and then sold.

Food safety and quality are due to the absence of residues in the product and the possibility of a genetic and geographical traceability related to the use of a single variety (Senatore Cappelli or Lesina) and a single cultivation environment. The use of an ancient variety of durum wheat, traditionally grown in the past in the Capitanata area, resulted in a product with high protein content ensuring good technological quality for the pasta on the market.



The ultimate beneficiaries will be all stakeholders of the milling, cereal and organic pasta business. From the primary production to the industrial processing and the marketing. Throughout the Puglia region and other national districts, for the development of an important agricultural sector.

Consumers will benefit from an improvement in the traceability and food safety, with a product from organic raw grain culture.

Citizens will benefit from the reduction of the environmental impact that will result from the expansion of areas devoted to organic farming.


The developed product is placed in the traditional market, in the organic products sector. The method appears to be helpful in other realities, emphasizing the organic production method not only in terms of food quality and safety, but also to reduced environmental impact and preserving biodiversity.


As businesses, we commit to producing and marketing healthy, safe food, informing consumers about the nutritional content, environmental impact and social implications of the product;


  • Organic pasta from durum wheat
  • variety Senatore Cappelli
  • certification of supply chain
  • Km 0
  • environmental sustainability

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