Apulia Food Innovation Excellence Project. The University of Foggia, has developed the project proposal “Apulia Food Innovation Excellence “(AFIE), with reference to the Public Notice “The ILO Network for Smart Puglia”, published by the Puglia Region with the Regional Agency for Technology and Innovation. This proposal wants to create a virtual stand on line to display the best products resulting from the teamwork between the world of research and the Puglia food industry. The idea of this project comes from the study carried out by the Region of Puglia. This study was used to prepare a document called Smart Puglia 2020 which identifies Agrifood as the most traditional sector in the economy of the region Puglia. Here research and innovation very intense activities. The topics of interest are traceability, quality and safety, also the wide use of biotechnology and technologies for the processing, preservation and packaging, considering the importance that agricultural economy and food industry plays in the region Puglia. The University of Foggia is particularly active and known for Its research in the areas mentioned above, with the “Apulia Food Innovation Excellence” project, the university wants to be the main actor in the strategy for the Smart Puglia, responding to the social challenges of relating food security and sustainable agriculture. All this to bring the attention towards innovative, sustainable and competitive public companies, that are producing healthy, traceable, and safe foods. In order to effectively achieve the increase of awareness and sponsorship, the scientific committee has identified the following protagonists:

  • Territory: to enhance, share and promote the culture of innovation and the production know-how, in respect of local traditions;
  • Businesses: in order to offer a tool to promote and foster a closer connection with other players, have evaluating feedback about their products and maintain a direct relationship with consumers;
  • Consumer: to offer a tool of discovery and knowledge, easy to use, thanks to interactive devices and make this an enriched and shared experience.

The mapping of the innovations made by researchers of the University of Foggia, brought to the evaluation of sixty-one projects forms. The evaluation criteria considered the technological know-how, resources available, expertise and the results obtained. Among the sixty-one projects nine innovations were chosen considered the most promising in terms of: degree of innovation compared to the state of the art, degree of consistency with the territory, and degree of impact on the market. Marzia Albenzio e Antonio Bevilacqua



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